Publish Payout Percentages

In the ever growing online gambling industry one of the most raised question is, are online casino games fair in terms of payouts and returns to the players? Before this industry had such an expansion players could rarely find information about a game or a group of games regarding its payouts to players. Nowadays almost every reputable casino has monthly audits regarding the RTP of their games and they are clearly visible on the casino website. This is a good indication that the casino you are dealing with operates in a responsible manner and that their games are in fact fair and legit.

Casinos That Publish Payout Percentages

Casino Bonus Matched FREEBIE Wager Req Rating
Redbet Casino $100 100% 100 FS 35 x 5 Play
Omni Casino $300 200% $5 NDB 25 x 5 Play
Betsson Casino $100 100% 0 35 x 5 Play
Guts Casino $300 100% 100 FS 35 x 4.8 Play
bgo Casino $200 200% 20 FS 20 x 4.5 Play
Bet365 Casino $100 100% 0 20 x 4.5 Play
BoyleCasino $300 100% 0 20 x 4.4 Play
Zodiac Casino $20 2000% 0 60 x 4 Play
32Red Casino $50 160% 0 30 x 4 Play
Fly Casino $300 200% $5 NDB 25 x 4 Play

The public access to these statistics is mainly due to the eCOGRA certificate a lot of casinos have which aims for a transparent insight in to the casinos work. This independent testing agency provides monthly audits on the games and determine the final numbers of the return to player value by the games in the past month. There are two types of payout percentages a casino can disclose to its players and some casinos even publish both. One is the theoretical RTP value of a certain game or a group of games and the second is an audited retrospective value for the RTP of specific games in some casinos over a specific period of time. There is a big difference between these two and players can easily be fooled. The theoretical RTP is usually offered by the gaming provider itself and is usually stated for individual games or game types. For instance one slot game can have an RTP of 98% while the entire slot game collection can have an average RTP of 95%. This number is an expected payout rate of a game over a long period of time and millions of spins based on the design and mathematical operations behind the game.

The second value from the audited payout rates is usually conducted by eCOGRA or another testing agency and provides the payout rates for games over the period of one month. This value is much more accurate because players have precise information about what the RTP value is and how much the house edge is. One rule in online gambling is that games with higher RTP gives better payouts but that isn’t always necessarily correct because it depends a lot on the variance of the game. For example if one game has a 98% RTP listed and you deposit $100 and spin 100 spins on $1 bet, then you can’t expect to have $98 on your balance after the spins are over. You can have much more and you can also have less. This is because other factors in play are the variance of the game, the Random Number Generator and also pure luck. The audited RTP value shows what percentage the casino kept for themselves determined by the house edge and how much was returned to players in terms of winnings. Public access to these statistics combined with the eCOGRA certificate is a 99% sure indicator that the player will not be cheated and that he has a fair chance in winning money in the online casino.


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