Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealer casinos is the finest mix of land-based and online casino gambling. The pace is relatively the same as in a brick and mortar casino although the player can enjoy privacy, comfortability and create an own environlment due to the fact that the dealing is happening live, but the user can physically be anywhere. On a relaxing couch, in a nice chair or even on the beach. All the doubt of an online casino can go away in this way of gambling because the cards are actually being shuffled and dealt while the players are watching it real-time through live stream.

Live Dealer Online Casinos

Casino Bonus Matched FREEBIE Wager Req Rating
Redbet Casino $100 100% 100 FS 35 x 5 Play
Betsson Casino $100 100% 0 35 x 5 Play
Betsafe Casino $250 100% 10 FS 40 x 5 Play
Thebes Casino $50 600% $50 NDB 25 x 5 Play
Cashmio Casino $100 100% 50 FS 45 x 5 Play
Caribic Casino $150 300% 125 FS 35 x 5 Play
Guts Casino $300 100% 100 FS 35 x 4.8 Play
Mr Green Casino $100 100% 100 FS 35 x 4.8 Play
InterCasino $300 100% 110 FS 25 x 4.67 Play
bgo Casino $200 200% 20 FS 20 x 4.5 Play

Being able to see the dealers and talk to them is a great feature, the players get the chance to choose who they would like to deal for them. Just like in a land-based casino where you can choose where you want to sit and what dealer to pick!

Live casinos generally offer higher betting limits compared to online or mobile casinos. Changing tables and games are as easy as one click so it is really convenient. In these casinos there are the same table games available as in land-based casinos, such as roulette, blackjack, casino hold’em, 5 card poker and baccarat.

Playing the most popular casino games

Blackjack or twenty-one is one of the most famous and well-known games played in casinos. In this game the player is trying to beat the dealer in one of the following ways: get 21 points from the first two dealt cards without the dealer having the same amount of points, have a higher score than the dealer from two or more cards without going over 21 or let the dealer exceed 21 points from additional cards dealt without you exceeding 21 at the same time. The odds of winning are relative and changing from card to card. It’s a simple and enjoyable game to play, especially in a live dealer casino.

Roulette is a widely popular casino game where the player has to place bets on either one of the 37 (European roulette) or 38 (American roulette) numbers, one of the two colors, a range of numbers or the winning number to be odd or even. The winning chances are between 1:1 and 35:1.

Baccarat is another great casino game that doesn’t require many actions from players. There are three major outcomes for a round: the dealer wins, the player wins or it ends up as a tie. Before each round, the player has to choose what side to bet on. At first, both player and dealer are dealt two cards. If the value of the two cards for the player reach 8 or 9 (counting face cards as 0 and ace as 1) the game is over. The hand with closest points to 9 wins. If neither the player nor the dealer gets 8 or 9 then a third card comes out to decide the winner. The chances of winning are relatively random. In overall, baccarat is an enjoyable and an easy-to-play casino game.

Live casino gambling versus land-based casino gambling

Live dealer casino gambling provides great accessibility because it can be reached from anywhere in the world with good-enough internet connection. Land-based casinos are sometimes out of reach in a suburb area where players have travel to. Waiting in line can be frustrating sometimes in brick and mortar casinos, whilst in live dealer casinos this problem normally does not come up. The accuracy can be different as well. Meaning that in live dealer casinos, the “house rules” have to be posted on the website or software. On the other hand, in land-based casinos these “house rules” can be different and sometimes not even posted or told to players beforehand. Payment options for live dealer casinos are generally well spread out and they offer more options to deposit or withdraw money. Land-based casinos on the other hand don’t usually offer a wide-range of paying options. Lastly, brick and mortar casinos have a steeper learning curve because there aren’t many (if any) support or guidance available.

Live casino gambling compared to animated casino gambling

Animated online casinos are the most popular ways to gamble on the Internet. One of the biggest reasons is the highly sped-up lifestyle people live. Beeing able to play when it fits for players became a very important factor in gambling. Land-based and live dealer casinos are significantly slower than animated online casinos. Waiting is not an issue while gambling online because there is always going to be an open seat or table, if not, the software will generate a brand new one. Unlike in live dealer casinos sometimes all the seats will be occupied because there aren’t enough tables open. Animated online casinos are reachable 24/7, while live casinos can have maintenance time or some dealers might have days off. Therefore players cannot have the desired experience every single time they log on. Bonuses are usually different and live dealer casinos generally offer less of them because of higher overhead costs. Animated online casinos do not have to deal with these issues.

All in all, if an online gambler seeks the socially interactive environment, while being able to sit at home or play on the go, then live dealer gambling is a perfect and really enjoyable choice.

Live dealer games

live-dealer-casinosThe first time you go into a real casino you can’t help but notice all the different games that are played on the casino floor. If you are more attracted to slot games you can spend the entire day, without realizing it, hitting the spin button in front of a slot machine and going from one to the next trying out the games and finding the one that will pay out. Video slot games can be very entertaining and are mostly exploited by new gamblers with little real life experience in gambling. Most slot machines in the casinos are more of a way to have fun and pass the day than to go on a mission to earn some big amounts of money.

Most experienced long time gamblers will just pass through the slot machine section and make their way to the poker or table games. This is why live dealer casinos have the biggest share in revenue, from a bigger number of players and by that a bigger profit, than smaller casinos which usually only promote slot games and electronic table games on their floor. Any experienced gambler who has played in live dealer casinos will tell you that the feeling is much more different than in full electronic casinos.

When you go to a certain table to play any live dealer casino game you have a different bond with the dealer than with just an electronic game in front of you. For example playing blackjack in live dealer casinos is much more fun than the online electronic version because you see the man in front of you and he is the one you need to beat at the casino game. The casino has a very small 1% house edge on blackjack and that is why it is considered one of the fairest games in live dealer casinos. Most of the wins will depend on your luck but some professional Blackjack players can have a certain edge over the casino by successfully counting the cards. This way when the player receives a medium strong hand of let’s say 17 or 18 he is already playing on much higher bets and knows that there is a very small mathematical chance that the dealer will get a higher score without going bust. This is a strategy many people use but it is also forbidden to practice.

Playing roulette in live dealer casinos is also much more interesting than playing the electronic version of the game. It’s a whole new feeling when you have your chips in your hands sitting at the
roulette table and placing bets along with other players. When the dealer spins the ball over the roulette wheel he is your angel of fortune or just a guy who brings you bad luck. Many superstitious gamblers change tables until they find a dealer which in their mind is lucky for them. Again a bond is formed with the dealer while on the electronic version you sit with the screen in front of you and place bets by pressing the numbers on the screen.

This is why the live dealer casinos have grown to be so popular in the online gambling casino industry. Instead of playing the boring electronic version of blackjack or roulette online players can now interact with the live dealer via the chat window or even talk to him directly. This way playing the game is much more interesting because interacting with other people is in the human nature. Evolution Gaming was very well aware of this fact and by creating and launching their live dealer software they became the top software live dealer provider in the industry.


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