Responsible Gambling

Gambling should be fun. Some like going to a movie, play video games, go to a theme park or a concert, and some like gambling. It is all about having a good time, but as with all things you have to be responsible doing it:

Responsible gamblers do not bet more than they can afford to lose.
Responsible gamblers understands that the odds are always in favor of the casino and acts accordingly.
Responsible gamblers gamble for fun.

Gamblers Anonymous has made a self-check quiz with 20 questions everyone who gamble should take. According to them, answering yes to seven or more of these questions indicates that you have a gambling addiction:

After a win, do you feel an urge to continue gambling?
Do you ever borrow money to finance your gambling?
Do you feel you must win back your losses after losing?
Do you gamble longer than what you intended to?
Do you gamble until you have no more funds left?
Does gambling give you a bad reputation?
Has gambling ever caused you to feel unhappy?
Do you feel regretful after losing?
Do you use gambling as a way to celebrate something good?
Do you miss work to gamble?
Do you ever gamble as a way to pay back debts or solve financial difficulties?
Have you ever sold anything in order to finance you gambling?
Are you reluctant to use your gambling funds for other expenses?
Do you gamble in order to escape worry or things that are troubling you?
Does gambling cause you sleeping difficulties?
Does gambling decrease your ambition or efficiency?
Do arguments or frustrations give you an urge to go and gamble?
Have you ever committed, or considered committing, an illegal act in order to finance you gambling?
Does your gambling interfere with or damage the welfare of your family and friends?
Have you ever attempted or considered suicide as a result of your gambling?

If you do happen to answer “yes” to seven or more of these questions, please talk to someone close to you or reach out to one of the sites in the bottom of the article.

Responsible gambling can easily be achieved by following some simple rules:

You’re buying entertainment, not investing your money.
Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.
Don’t let gambling be your only hobby.
Always gamble for fun.

If you find that gambling is becoming an issue for yourself, tell someone and get help right away. These are some of the websites that can help you with your problem:

Gamblers Anonymous: International website.
GamCare: Provides information, advice and support for anyone going through or have questions regarding problem gambling based in the United Kingdom.
National Council of Problem Gambling: Assisting people with a gambling problem in the United States.
Gamblock: Installable software that can block access to gambling sites.