Battle of the Gods

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The title of the game the Battle of the Gods’ sounds pretty intimidating on its own, but once you enter the mythological realm of gods and titans, you will be able to grasp the magnitude of this ancient and cosmic battle on a full scale. One of the giants in the world of casino games, Playtech, brought this incredible slot game to the market, and ever since it appeared – this release captivated the players and brought them years and years of enjoyable gaming sessions. Playtech did a great job, and this slots game, with its beautiful features, will bring a special joy to players lives. Gods and Titans have always captivated our minds so be sure to head to one of the casinos that offer this game and pick your side of this old conflict.

Theme & Design

Nothing would be complete without an attractive design, and that is exactly what Playtech kept in mind during the creation of the Battle of the Gods. The theme of this game is perhaps a bit dark, but at the same time – it is perfectly decorated with little ornaments which are reminiscent of the ancient Greek Mythology. The reels were made even prettier with the frame created by those olive branches and decorations. At the top, you will see the written title of the game, and the bottom is traditionally reserved for the controls and commands, which are large and easy to use. As we already said, Playtech found the inspiration for this wonderful creation in the mythical battle between Titans and Gods. They were fighting over their place on Mount Olympus and also over the control of the Earth and all human beings that lived on it. That is why the sound effects in this slot game are majestic and even haunting, and they might send chills down your spine.


As we already said, the Gods and Titans have 5 representatives each in this slot game, some of them are Zeus, Poseidon and they occupy the reels in various patterns. Of course, if you are lucky, they will land in the appropriate way, and you will be awarded one of the lucrative prizes or bonuses that are available in the Battle of The Gods. In any case, you can differentiate the Gods by the blue background of their icons while the Titans have a red coloration of their symbols.

It is evident that Playtech invested a lot of effort in creating this game, and even though the concept of this title is clearly similar of the X-men slot, the animated icons are exciting and attractive. What this means is that the characters look alive, and that their reactions change during the gameplay. Some of the Gods and Titans will release lightning bolts and similar elements, all in agreement with their legendary mythological abilities and powers.

As with any other Playtech slots game, the wild and the scatter are present as well, and they take a spacial place in the gameplay. The wild is represented in the form a symbol that just says “wild” on it, which is rather straightforward and evident, and this will certainly be easy for the players to understand and follow. A very similar situation is with the scatter, and the Olympia Temple will be easily recognizable among the multitude of Gods in togas and Goddesses with olive branches in their hair. Of course, the symbol of the temple bears special powers, but more on that in the following paragraph.

Bonuses are essential for the success of a slot game and Playtech are, of course, familiar with this fact. That is why their releases are packed with gifts and various incentives for players, and this can significantly boost the winnings and enjoyment. For instance, the concept of bonus features in this game is a direct copy of the options that you have in the X-men, and this is certainly not a bad thing. If the gods form an “X” shape on the middle reels (2, 3, and 4), your overall score will be multiplied by five times.

But, the biggest rewards come from entering a bonus round called Free Games, and just like in the X-men slot, you have two available modes here – the Gods mode and the Titans mode. Three or more scatters will activate this sequence, and you will start off in the Gods section. There you will have an unlimited number of free spins and winnings, until a Titan extra wild lands on the reel number 3. When this happens, you will be transferred to the Titans mode, where you “only” have eight free spins. Either way, your score will experience a significant boost after this session, and this is one of the major advantages of playing the Battle of the Gods slot.

How To Play

If you have all 25 paylines activated the lowest you can bet each spin is €0.25, with €0.01 per payline and the highest you can bet on each spin is €1250, with €50 per payline. So, it doesn’t matter if you have loads of money or a small amount of money, because Battle of the Gods fits for all players with different bankrolls. If you want to know more about the payouts and the bonus features you can click on the info button in the left bottom side of the screen.

How To Win

Since this game was released in 2014, some players perhaps expected an even modern and more spectacular design, but Playtech decided to go with a proven formula that worked so well in their other slots. They have kept the concept of 25 paylines and five reels in this release as well, and this allows players to earn a lot of money when hitting great winning combinations, getting free spins and entering bonus rounds, while having a lot of fun at the same time.
In our humble opinion, you will never be sorry for stepping on the battlefield in this breathtaking game, and the fact that this release is an obvious clone of the X-men should not deter you from joining forces with the Gods or Titans and entering this epic fighting arena. The bonuses themselves are worth a look, and the animated symbols and impressive sound effects will get the blood pumping in your veins. Mythological creatures have always given us reasons to be excited about, and Marvel and Playtech created a title that can give you hours and hours of playing time.


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