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Online casino gambling has been a great hit in the US usa-casinos-sitesbecause it provides the comfort for players to stay at home in attempt to make money. The freedom that these Internet casinos give to their users is appealing because you cannot just have the comfort of your chair, bed or couch but also flexibility, convenience and time saving comes with it as well. One of the biggest upsides is the privacy that you can get while being online at an Internet casino. There are over 2500 online casinos in the world but not many of them are available for players that live in the US.

These virtual casinos started off very well and they have been on the market since the 1990s. They had a great and rapid growth in the early 2000s by gaining serious amount of popularity. In 2006 though, there has been a change which hit the US online casino market and several big players left. Since then there has
only been small growth with some interventions from governments.

Online Casinos for US Players

Casino Bonus Matched FREEBIE Wager Req Rating
Thebes Casino $50 600% $50 NDB 25 x 5 Play
Win A Day Casino $500 100% $39 NDB 10 x 4.25 Play
Winward Casino $500 500% $50 NDB 25 x 4 Play
7Reels Casino $500 500% $50 NDB 25 x 4 Play
Slotland Casino $250 250% $39 NDB 12 x 4 Play
Lucky Red Casino $4000 400% $20 NDB 30 x 4 Play
Casino Moons $5000 25% $25 NDB 25 x 4 Play
Sloto Cash Casino 200% 100 FS 25 x 4 Play
Uptown Aces Casino $2500 250% 50 FS 35 x 4 Play
7Spins Casino $500 500% $50 NDB 25 x 3.67 Play

US online casinos jurisdictions

There are thousands of Americans gambling online each day but the question is, how is this legally possible? The jurisdiction about gambling and betting in general has been a fairly interesting case for more than 50 years. At first, in 1961 John F. Kennedy signed the Federal Wire Act that had an intention of blocking illegal bookies. For 45 years this was the only major and common federal law that regulated gambling and betting.

Then in 2006 George W. Bush signed the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) which brought big confusion to Americans. The wording of the Act is what gave the misunderstandings but actually the UIGEA only regulates banks and credit card companies to process any online financial transactions with the intention of online gambling. This was the main reason several online casino giants left the US in or slightly after 2006. Later on the federal government reinterpreted the 1961 Federal Wire Act and said it had power over online gambling too. Which meant, by the power of this Act online casino gambling was illegal.

Finally, in 2011 the US Department of Justice took a look at the Federal Wire Act signed 50 years ago and said it only applies for online sports betting. According to this, real money online casinos, online poker and fantasy sports betting are not illegal at the federal level.

Actual legality of online casino play in the US

So, is it actually illegal to play and gamble in online casinos in the US? As of now there is no record about any person facing federal charges who is a US citizen because of online gambling, therefore, as said before, to play and gamble on an online casino is not illegal on the federal level. Although it is not illegal by federal law, each state has its own jurisdiction which regulates online casinos more or less – usually more.

There are some states where online casino playing is legal – example Nevada (since 2013) or New Jersey (since 2013) – but there are some states where it’s a felony, for instance in Washington (since 2006).

From a different perspective, each online casino has different regulations depending on where they are located, inside the US or offshore somewhere else in the world where US legislation cannot reach out. In overall, before someone being a citizen of the USA wants to set up an online casino account it is highly recommended to check where the gambling site was licensed.

Online casinos excluding US players

As of the UIGEA passing in 2006, a large number of online casinos have not been accepting US players. Not being able to register for real money games as an American citizen might feel like a discomfort from the players’ side. As well as, not registering players from one of the biggest gambling nations of the world from the online casinos’ point of view must seem unreasonable. Although there is a simple explanation for it: most of the online casinos are only operators and the software providers power the operation, who would not like to lose their licenses. Meaning that if a software provider, for example Playtech or Microgaming, etc. does not acknowledge the legal liabilities and implications of accepting US players then the operators have to follow through. There are few software providers though who are US-friendly, such as Realtime Gaming. These platforms provide a full set of options when a US player wishes to deposit or withdraw money. The safest option therefore is to find an online casino that operates with a US-friendly software.

Land-based casino gambling in the US

On the other hand, the world of the land-based casinos is relatively different. There are over 1500 land-based casinos in the USA offering all sorts of table and card games, as well as, slot machines or even horse and greyhound tracks for live betting. The passion, joy and desire of actual life gambling can be found in over 800 cities all over the United States. The leading areas are the two most infamous places for land-based casinos in Northern-America. One is Las Vegas, Nevada with more than 300 casinos and two is Atlantic City, New Jersey with all of its stardom and history.

These land-based casinos were and still are popular in the circles of people who like to enjoy the environment of these establishments, have actual human interaction or want to make sure the security of their money in action is highly assured. Which had not always been the case in the past, because of some casinos’ accusations of being criminal fronts.
After all, the government is likely to be more beneficial from land-based casinos because they have the ability to easily scan through records and to earn taxes from overhead. The real brick and mortar casinos have to hire technicians, maintenance staff, dealers, security guards etc. Through these employments the government surely receives the desired revenue. Therefore land-based casinos are highly unlikely to be banned in the USA.


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